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What is a Structured Warrant?

How do I invest in Structured Warrants?

What are the ingredients of a Warrant?

How do Issuers price warrants?

What is the size & duration of a new issuance?

Can you teach me the formula to price a warrant myself?

What is the difference between Liquidity vs Turnover?

What if the warrant I have chosen has no traded volume?

How do I use warrants to “hedge” my position?

How do I use the Cash Extraction Strategy?

How do I use the Barbell Strategy?

How do I use the “Last Defense Strategy” for Live Matrix?

Can I perform Technical Analysis on Structured Warrants charts?

How do I select warrants based on OTM, ATM & ITM?

Shouldn’t I be looking at Implied or Historical Volatility?

Is warrant trading of shariah compliant stocks also shariah compliant?

Why is the Structured Warrants always priced as RM0.150 on your Term Sheets? If on Day 1, the warrant is trading at RM0.070, is the warrant trading at a discount?

What is Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega?

The Greeks - Shouldn’t I be looking at Delta, Gamma, Theta or Vega?

Why is there a Traffic Light?

Why has the Issuer opened a spread?

What do I do if I bought a warrant when it was Green & now it is Amber/Red?

What do I do if I really, really want to buy an Amber/Red warrant?Is the Live Matrix really “LIVE”?

I understand the M.E.S.T.I. Strategy, what else can I look out for if I am a long-term, medium-term, short-term or day trader?

Can I have a Guided Tour of the Website?

What is the difference between an Issuer or Market-Maker or Liquidity-Provider?

If I “win”, won’t the Issuer “lose”?

How do Issuers choose which underlying to issue warrants on?

What are the 3 ways Issuers make money?

During the Rubber Glove rally, did Issuers lose money?

To hold or not to hold?

How do I calculate my Cash Settlement Amount?

When will my Cash Settlement cheque be arriving for my In-The-Money warrant?

What happens to my warrant - Rights Issue, Bonus Issue, Special dividend and other corporate actions?

What happens to my warrant - Normal dividend?

What happens to my warrant – Ex-dividend?


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