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Live Matrix and Traffic Light Feature by NagaWarrants

Ms Isabelle Zhen - Warrants in 2019: The Flipping Point Strategy (Live Matrix by Kenanga)

Warrant Handbook

What is warrant?
What is E.S.T.I. strategy?

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Technical Terms

Factors Affecting Warrant Price

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Warrant Expiry

Settlement Calculation for Single Equity Warrants

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Advantages of Trading Warrants

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Is buying SW similar to buying shares using share margin financing ("SMF")?
Should I hold the SW until expiry?
When is the last trading day of the SW?

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From beginners getting acquainted with the world of investing to experts with decades of experience, all traders need to learn – or review – the meanings behind a huge number of terms on an almost daily basis.

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Warrant Blogs

Why Warrant trading is popular with young professionals?

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