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Issuer is not keen to sell this warrant. Issuer Offer price is increased, but fair Bid price is maintained.
Trade at your own discretion. Issuer Offer price is increased, but fair Bid price is maintained.
Warrant is good to trade. Bid and Offer spread is tight.

Last Update :
This price matrix is a live feed from Kenanga's market making system. It indicates where the market maker's Bid and Offer prices may be during the day, based on the specific price highlighted. Please note that the prices in the Naga Matrix is applicable only during continuous trading sessions and not valid outside the market making hours in Malaysia.
Warrant underlying
Morning session
Afternoon session
Malaysia shares & FBM KLCI
09:00 to 12:29
14:30 to 16:44
Hong Kong indices
09:15 to 11:59
14:30 to 16:29
Hong Kong shares & China A50 ETF
09:30 to 11:59
14:30 to 15:59
Terms and Conditions of use -
  1. The warrant prices in the Naga Matrix are indicative. The actual warrant prices on the market may be different from the prices displayed on the website due to factors such as:
    1. liquidity and volatility of the warrant and underlying as well as relevant market conditions
    2. buying and selling that is driven by market forces of supply and demand
    3. market data delay in displaying price
    4. various rights or adjustments of the underlying and other factors that are beyond the control of the warrant's Issuer, or unexpected situations.
  2. As stipulated in the Base Prospectus, Kenanga reserves the right to consider the terms and the conditions on buying back or selling warrants on case-by-case basis, at its sole discretion.
  3. There may be occasional delays in the data feed and any information in the Naga Matrix.
  4. The warrant price are provided for your personal use. This Naga Matrix is intended for information purpose only and does not constitute an offer, a solicitation, an advice, a recommendation or an indication to buy or sell the underlying securities or warrant. Kenanga shall not be liable for the accuracy or completeness of any information or for any loss or damage however caused arising in connection with any information, including without limitation any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss and loss of profits whether in part or in full.

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Warrant Code
Expiry Date (D/M/Y)
Days to Expiry
Exercise Ratio
Exercise Price
Intrinsic Value per Warrant
Break Even Price at Expiry
Implied Volatility (%)
Premium (%)
Effective Gearing
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Cash Settlement Calculator

To use the Cash Settlement Calculator tool, key-in your inputs in the 2 grey boxes (5-day VWAP and number of warrants you have purchased). The Calculator will automatically calculate Your Settlement Price and Your Cash Settlement Amount.
5-day VWAP (RM)
Quantity of warrants held (units)

Warrant Terms

Exercise Price
Exercise Ratio


Your Settlement Price (RM)
Cash Settlement Amount (RM)
A Quick Guide to Cash Settlement on Expiry!

What happens on expiry?
- When Cash Settlement price > Exercise price = In-The-Money (ITM). Warrant will have value at expiry & automatically be exercised.
- When Cash Settlement price < Exercise price = Out-of-The-Money (OTM). Warrant expires worthless.

If you are interested, here is the formula behind the tool above.
Say, you purchased 100,000 XYZ-C1 warrants.
Exercise price: RM5.70
Exercise ratio: 4 warrants to 1 mother share (aka underlying)

Your Cash Settlement Amount = Number of XYZ-C1 exercised x [(Cash Settlement Price - Exercise Price) / Exercise Ratio ] = 100,000 x
[(6.00-5.70) / 4] = RM7,500 approx

  • The Cash Settlement Price of RM6.00 is the average daily volume weighted average price (VWAP) of the ordinary shares of CIMB for the five (5) market days prior to and including the market day immediately before the Expiry Date.
  • The Cash Settlement Amount will be delivered to you via cheque by ordinary post within 7 market days from the Expiry Date.