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Warrant Scanner tool is a search engine to optimise warrant selection. Choose your own of use our recommended criteria. For traders, we recommend a strategy of high Effective Gearing, low Tick Sensitivity and more than a month to expiry.

High Effective Gearing of 8X tells you a 1% move in ABC causes a c.8% move in ABC-CW. Low tick Sensitivity tells you that ABC must move up by 3 ticks (3 cents) to cause a 1 tick movement (RM0.005) in ABC-CW. Time decay is fastest on the final month of a warrant's life.


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For Warrant Selection, we at NagaWarrants recommend using the E.S.T.I. strategy.
  • (1) Effective Gearing (High is good for medium-term traders.)
  • (2) Sensitive (Fewer ticks to flip is good for short-term traders. It means you can break-even & take profit sooner.)
  • (3) Time to maturity (Does this warrant suit your time horizon - are you a short-term trader or medium-term trader? Avoid trading during the last month before Expiry Date.)
  • (4) And, a trustworthy Issuer with a Live Matrix


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